Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've never imagined that this day will come. I'm proud to say that I am 18 years existing in this colorful yet sometimes ironic world. :D

And Yes! I celebrated my LEGAL AGE last May 18, 2012 which was supposedly at Central Makati 2 but because of our young faces the bouncer didn't let us in. Lucky me, with Ilo  on my side who knows pretty much   a lot of hang-out finds around the vicinity.

Alas! We found Kiraban Bar and Grill just a few kilometers away from Central. Let's get this party started! :D

Bestfriend Trixia. :)
Pinsan Zharm.
Agel fren.
                  Group picture. Hahaha. Kahit lima lang kami. :))
          Group picture with my College friends. :)

Eh, cute kasi nila! Ella and Pareng Ilo.
Tsong Gio.

Pareng Ilo.
With Sab.
      My sisters :)
With CJ. Save the best for last. HAHAHA :")

I'm a bit lazy already to edit other pictures because I feel sleepy now, but so far these were the happenings in my Celebration. Too bad there wasn't any photo taken when I did Popturero (HAHAHA, am I right with the spelling?) That challenge really made me tipsy! Hahaha, I'll end up here for a while! Godbless <3