Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday, I headed to school to pass my Lesson Plan in my major class. Then Arlene and I met up in our "tagpuan" and decided to have some break, without knowing the weather forecast!

While we're strolling, we wanted to zip some milk tea! Everyone should try it, it's pretty addicting! :)
So we go to Chatime and have our drink! :D I just enjoyed the cool vibe of the place, Super bet the interiors cause it's kind of stress reliever eh!? Hahaha

You should try Chocolate Mousse! Breath-taking! <3

I think you have met her already, she's my good friend Arlene. :)

                                                  Tada, I'm sooo fat! -_-

Stacks of bracelet from Tomato

After quite sometime, when we decided to go home, we found out it rained so hard. And the streets outside where flooded! And the funny this is I walk in bare-foot. :) Yet, I can still say I enjoyed it. HAHAHA, that would be all for now! Be say loviessss <3

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's the second day of examinations and our minds have been murdered of those lesson we have to barely keep in our minds. Thank God soon enough it'll be over! Yay! And now I want you to meet my ever lovely college buddies. We snap on our LONG break time and presto! Here are some of those captured moments. PS. Sorry for the resolution of the photos :]


BEST-est College buddy! Arlene :)

Us girls! Haha. (c) Erika Austria

That's it. Hope you enjoy your day ahead! :)